One group exercise we did was we went through the marking list that they look at when marking our projects. This was a really helpful task because we were put into groups so we could all discuss what they mean and how we could communicate this into our work. Also working in a group was extremely helpful because it meant we all could put are various opinions in, and if someone didn't understand what it meant someone else could inform us how to do it and achieve it in our work.  

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Final Major Project Proposal 2

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With my action plan I wanted to really consider what I was going to be able to achieve each day. I didn't want to put too little or too much to do each day. I also had to consider when I had a group tutorial and also when I had work shops taking place. I wanted to lay it out in a way which kept a story going on. I wanted to start with just drawing with black and white, in which then I will bring in the colour. Then I also did some research of some artists who really inspired me in weave and knit, so I defiantly new I wanted to allocate a week for each of those. Lastly, with all these marks I was making I knew I wanted to explore it in print. 


Her is my second timetable. I have found it quite hard to write because I'm going through a bit of a lost moment within my project so finding it quite hard what to do next. However, I know I want to develop my pieces more on a larger scale so I added that in. 

Final Major Project Proposal

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